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OolongDay Tea

OolongDay Tea

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0.5 oz sample or 2 oz bag of OolongDay Tea 

Comes in a mylar bag heat sealed, and has a resealable zipper for your convenience


oolong tea(Camellia sinensis), dandelion leaf(taraxacum officianale), nettle leaf(urtica dioica), milky oats (avena sativa) lemon

About OolongDay Tea:

Hand curated loose leaf blend that features an Oolong tea base with herbs that are energizing as well as aimed at strengthening your central nervous system to build stamina. A lovely breakfast tea to start your day or a blissful choice to pick you up in the afternoon. Features lemon balm and dehydrated lemon slices for invigorating citrus notes, well balanced with a hearty mild taste.

Brewing Instructions:
add 1-2 tsp to 6-8 oz of boiling
water. Steep 3-5 mins, strain
& enjoy

* Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease*

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