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 1.5 oz bag of SuperSkulleez 

Comes in a mylar bag heat sealed, and has a resealable zipper for your convenience


Lemon balm(mellissa officinalis), **Yarrow(achillea millefolium), Egyptian Chamomile(matricaria recutita), white willow bark(salix alba), skullcap(scuteiaria lateriflora), valerian root(valeriana wallichii)

SuperSkulleez blend

Caffeine free 

Similar to skulleez but with some added power of valerian root and white willow bark

Ingredients are hand picked by me for their unique effects of easing Pain, aches, stronger headaches, high stress, tension, anxiety, depression & insomnia, all while benefiting the nervous system 

Fresh deep earthy taste with light floral notes

Tea instructions: 1 tsp per 6-8oz boiling water steep 3-5 min for a mild brew, increase steep time as needed for a stronger brew. Be mindful that the taste will grow stronger with steep time and if left too long can get bitter

Best if used very hot and breathe in steam from cup.

*Statements not evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to treat, cute, prevent, or diagnose any disease.

**Certified organic ingredient 

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